🎣Step right up anglers, we've got a catch you won't want to let go of! presenting the TSV 4 Pack Fishing Bite Alarms - your trusty companions for every fishing escapade you find yourself reeled into. Always thought fishing was a game of patience? Well, here’s your chance to prove it, with a chance to make it a play of precision too!

These pocket-sized marvels clip easily onto rods as plump as a 0.4in/1cm. No matter if you're sea fishing, ice fishing (brrr), fly fishing, lakeside lounging or kayak trolling - they got your back, or rather, your hook. Got a thinner rod? Ah, too bad, they've got standards! 🎣

Installation is a no-brainer! All you need to do, hang the line on the alarm's hook and flip the switch. Want some advice for free? Clip these buddies far from the rod tip to watch them do their magic properly. And fear not, their silicone anti-slip mats will have them holding on tighter than a clingy barnacle!👌

Can't see in the dark? Well, these little paragons of alertness are hooked up with a bright red LED light. Once a fishy takes a nibble, these alarms light up and keep you in the loop. Dark waters ain't got nothing on you now, go on, enjoy your night-time soirees!

Attention all fish!!! say our little watchguards. The TSV Bite Alarms blare out an 80-decibel trumpet tone the second a fish takes the bait. Let’s just say, you could be closer to a blue whale than miss this alarm. Mind you, volume isn’t adjustable. We believe in going loud or going home!

One more thing, they've got adjustable sensitivity. So, if it's a windy day or the currents are in a mood, simply tweak the angle of these beauties to narrow down which rod got lucky.

Your purchase wings its way to your door featuring 4 mighty fish sentinels and 12 LR44 button batteries.

Just ask Paddy O'Malley from Vermont who gave us a glowing 5-star review: These alarms caught me more fish than me cousin Seamus in a whole summer. Every angler needs a set. Got the wife thinkin' I've finally found my sixth sense!

Here's to casting off worries and reeling in the big ones with the TSV 4 Pack Fishing Bite Alarm. 🍻 Happy Fishing!

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