Say ta-ta to tangles and hello to hassle-free fishing! Introducing our 12Pc Rod Sock Fishing Rod Sleeve, the knight in shining PET material and braided mesh to protect your beloved fishing rods. Available in a palette as varied as a painter's, from classic black and white to the zesty zest of lemon yellow. Picture Bob Ross painting a scene, but instead it's you choosing the masterpiece of cover color that best showcases your fishing personality 🎨
Spanning a superb 170cm or 66.9in in length, these pole protectors are flexible enough to hug your fishing rod tight but not clingy. We're talking Goldilocks 'just right', ensuring your rod remains scratch-less and ever-ready for a fishing soiree. These little wonders will comfortably snuggle rods of all types, from flying fishing rods and spinning rods to cast fishing rods and even the most formidable sea fishing rods 🎣
Weight? Oh, we’re glad you asked. Each one of our rod sock delights tips the scale at approximately 42g. That’s lighter than a lemon, but sturdy enough to keep your rod secured and protected 🍋. They're so feather-light; you won't even realize they're there until you see them working their magic. One might say: It's like a glove for your rod...only better!. Our rod socks come with capped tips. Think dapper hats, but made especially for your fishing rod tips, offering top-notch protection against the ravages of both time and transport 🧢.
These socks rock ten riveting colors, for those who dare to choose just one (or two, or three – we won't tell). The mesh PET material lets your rod breathe, ensuring no moisture gatecrasher spoils your rod's perfect party. Plus, it can take the heat! We're talking an impressive 120℃, which is hotter than the sunbathing surface of Venus ☀️
Quick Installation? Easy Breezy! They're stretchy, flexible, and designed not to fall off your fishing rod. Like the superhero sidekick you didn’t know you needed!
A five-star fake-review from our 'honoured' patron, Captain Aquarius Nackle: “I used to be an ordinary guy with ordinary fishing rods. Now, with these resplendent rainbow rod sleeves, I’m truly the Picasso of the Pier. My fishing rods remain pristine, and these socks...they’re colour-coordination game-changers!”
So, whether you're searching for a powerful protector or a trendy travel companion for your fishing rods: we've got you covered. Literally.

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